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Give your members access to our PTCB Approved program at a discount and more !

Academic honor societies, pre–graduate societies, student government, alumni clubs, online student–focused entities and academic–based non-profits make fantastic Rx Health Academy partners.

Together with these organizations, we customize programs to support our shared goal of academic excellence.

  • Our courses are taught remotely via our online programs. As an Affiliate Partner, your members can benefit from a discount on course tuition.

  • We support Partner membership communications by providing marketing copy, graphics and promotional collateral or a members–only information page within our website.

  • The Rx Health Academy can attend your organization’s meetings to provide a personal introduction to our resources and free practice tests.

  • Affiliate Partners may also be eligible for free courses and fund–raising programs.

Rx Health Academy Provides

Speaking Events

We provide guest speakers for your group meetings to answer questions on test taking and application process


20% off prep courses for members, 40% off prep courses for board members

Free Practice Tests

A free full-length practice test. We then offer a live webinar to review scores and best practices

Webinar Series

Members will receive special invitations to our test prep webinar series

About Our Program



We want your experience as a Rx Health Affiliate Partner to be as easy and rewarding as possible. Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions we receive. If you have more questions, reach out to [email protected] – we’re happy to help.

The Rx Health Affiliate Partner Program is a small group of promotional partners who help us get the word out about our program, and together we change lives.

We like to have a relatively small group of Affiliate Partners so that we can offer the very best support to them. The number of Affiliate Partners fluctuates each year.

Nope. Our Affiliate Partners have both big and small lists. 

More importantly, we want a Affiliate Partner’s audience to be in alignment with our goal of academic excellence.

I’m a Club Board Member or Advisor and Would Love to Promote Rx Health Academy, How Can I Do That?

Fantastic! We’d love you to register. 

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